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Referred to as the “Bengali,” the Bengal Cat is a hybrid  breed that originated from crossing an Asian Leopard Cat (Felis Bengalensis) with a short-haired domestic cat. Bengal males tip the scales at 10 to 18 pounds while females range between 6 and 12 pounds. A Bengal’s muscular, strong, and lean stature offers variant shades of brown, tan, white, and black with rosette and spotted patterns ranging from brown, silver-grey, sandy-buff, very-black, blue, and light brown. 

Eye-color may be green, gold, or copper although Seal Lynx Point Snow Leopards – another variation of the Bengal Breed - have beautiful ocean blue-eyes. A typical Bengal face features distinct horizontal stripes which extend from the eye to the back of the neck. The sides and tops of the Bengal can be marbled or marked with spots and rosettes. The remainder of the body, including the legs and the tails, are symmetrically striped.

Bengal variations include:


Brown Spotted Leopard

Black Panther or Melanistic

Brown Marbled

Seal Sepia Spotted

Seal Sepia Marbled

Seal Lynx Point

Seal Marbled Lynx Point

Seal Mink Spotted

Seal Mink Marbled

Silver Spotted

Silver Marble

Blue Spotted

Bengals generally have short, silky-soft hair and a glittered coat. Their shimmer “glows,” giving the coat the appearance of being dipped in silver or gold dust.They LOVE to fetch, run and splash in water. These incredible athletes are extremely affectionate, loyal, curious, intelligent, confident, alert and at times, rambunctious. 

Bengals are exquisite animals that add sheer delight to any home!

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