Our Stud


Brissinger which means fire, won Double Grand Champion in his first show, Triple Grand Champion in his second show, and Quadruple Grand Champion in his third show which awarded him the title of Best Cat.  Beyond his incredible coat and gorgeous eyes, “Briss” is known for his sweet temperament and his way with the “ladies.” A gentle demeanor, a velour- glittered coat, and perfect manners make “Briss” a beauty to behold and be held!

Bengals Direct

San Diego's Bengals Direct is proud to work with seasoned veterans, Gary and Suzanne Colby. A relationship based on trust and our mutual love for our Bengals yields the most beautiful kittens! Gary and Suzanne serve as our stud farm while we raise the Queens and the babies. We pride ourselves on our catteries and truly enjoy working together.
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