Concert Hall Cats


A Delightful Story

Fausta McDermott is a fellow Cardinal Spellman High School Classmate. Along with her family, the book, The Concert Hall Cats was born. This delightful story graces our home and is shared with our clients. Additional orders can be placed through the link noted below. 

Fausta and Michael McDermott wrote the initial version of The Concert Hall Cats in 1991, before the birth of their four sons, Joseph, William and twins, John and Philip. During high school, Joseph demonstrated artistic gifts, further developed and honed through artist, Alan Reingold. Joseph assumed the role of realizing his parents dream to share the magic of The Concert Hall Cats with every child, so he illustrated this story of love, hope, and survival.

Joseph graduated with a major in Peace and Conflict Studies from Manhattan College (B.A., Class of 2015). After graduation, Joseph accepted a position with the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. 

The models for Joseph’s illustrations incorporate five generations of family members including his brothers.

Concert Hall Cat Review

Concert Hall Cats

Horatio the Cat lives with his wife Sofia and their kittens Eddie and Mary in the attic of a majestic old concert hall. Jimmy the Janitor also lives in the basement and he spends his days taking care of the concert hall. Every morning Jimmy brings the little family a big bowl of milk and special treats to eat. As he works keeping the concert hall clean and tidy, Jimmy loves listening to the kittens playing among the old musical instruments in the attic.

Now that huge movie theaters and shopping malls have been built across town, only a few people come to hear the orchestra’s Friday evening performances. So the grumpy landlords have decided to tear down the concert hall and replace it with a parking lot.

However, they may change their minds if all the seats are filled with people for the last performance.

Horatio and his family take up the challenge, and the courageous kittens come up with a last-minute plan to save the concert hall and Jimmy’s home. Will their efforts be rewarded? Enjoy the read.