Client Testimonials



We just adore our new sweetheart kitten Scout What a wonderful addition to our family! Scout comes running to the back door when I get home from work and purrs loudly when I pick him up. What a cuddler!  It took Scout only one day to become best friends with our other Bengal cat. We never thought that we would find such a perfect match! You did an amazing job of acclimating Scout to life in a family environment. Scout is not afraid of the ice machine, vacuum or any other daily routines. My daughter throws Scout over her shoulder and dress him up in princess outfits and he has never once scratched her.  Not to mention how amazingly beautiful Scout is and how well he plays fetch! Scout just started leash training and he seems like he'll take to it easily. We will definitely recommend any of our friends looking for a new cat to you!
Thanks for completing our family,
Emily Cardey

The Brough's


I have purchased two lovely babies from Lucia and have  visited her home and the environment that the cats and kittens are raised. They have the run of the house and are treated like family members. They have everything they could possibly need in the way of activity, toys and personal attention. They are all very well socialized and are potty trained before they leave for their new home. In fact, my cats Bandit and Mila are so friendly and well socialized that my friends comment on it frequently. If I ever purchase a third, which Lucia has teased me is only a matter of time, it   will be from one of her litters. The wonderful personalities that my babies have developed are undoubtedly due to the loving care given to them in her home. Lucia's Bengals are special and it shows.

  Barbara Brough



I am desperately in love with my little Luciano. He is the bright joyous light in my day with amazing energy and curiosity. I’ve never experienced such energy in any other cat. Luciano’s very tactile, he touches everything with his paws or pick it up in his mouth. He loves to play with the water when the faucet is on and watches the toilet flush. Luciano, my constant companion and shadow - he has to be where ever I am. He loves to just lie on the table while I’m cooking or curl up on the couch while I’m on my computer. Mostly Luciano is playful and interactive - he entertains me nonstop with a stuffed bird that hangs from the ceiling about a foot off the ground. He’ll smack and tackle it for 20 minutes at a time. Luciano even plays fetch! He brings me his ball and drops it and waits for me to toss it. Then he rears up, goes and gets it and brings it back. He will do this about ten times in row! He has a super loud purr motor and his coat is the softest I’ve ever felt and as a veterinary technician, I’ve felt a lot of kitties! His spots are gorgeous - they are distinct and stunning. Not only is his coat super soft it shimmers - tipped in gold flecks. People can’t stop commenting on how gorgeous he is. I personally think he is the cat’s meow and I can’t imagine life without him. Thank you so much for the opportunity to love Luciano so!

Karen Tynan 

Cracker Jack


Cracker Jack is the perfect complement to our family. He plays with my children, from allowing our daughter to wrap him in a blanket and take him for a ride in her stroller to curling up with me on the couch for a nice snuggle. He loves to go for walks on a leash and stops traffic wherever he goes. Cracker Jack is gentle and playful and the most social cat we’ve ever seen. He loves to be with people and is always running up to greet new people. One night Cracker Jack was in with 4 children jumping off beds and being crazy, so we went to rescue him to give him a break. He immediately left us and ran right back into the chaos. I truly cannot say enough wonderful things about Lucia and the cats that she raises.

The Holland Family 



Lucia, you truly bring happiness to so many lives with your precious kitties. Rosie is a God send. And Bella, God rest her soul, will be missed forever. When the time is right, I will be getting some more of these wonderful gifts from you.

Jason Davis Sr. 


Puma – six months old and growing...Thanks Auntie Lucia! Your Bengals are the best!

Tara Julian